jeudi 5 janvier 2017

[List II/11] Vercingetorix's Gauls

This is my late Gallic army. Emphasis is placed on the period of the Gallic war (large cavalry, absence of tanks and, above all, figurines chosen according to their equipment.) The helmets too old or "typical Breton" were rejected for privileged helmets typical of the war Of Gaul)

Link to an article that I realized on a forum of history game concerning the helmets Gallic Here.

 The army has only three types of troops: 15 riders, 18 warriors and 3 tirailleurs with bow.

 It contains several figurines converted to give them historical helmets (manufacturers of figs tending to mix epochs or geographical areas in their Celtic blisters) Concerning Vercingetorix I chose to privilege a figurine recalling its appearance on the coins (Even if these representations were in fact only symbolic): a beardless warrior with long hair and bare head.

Gallic high command


Example of conversion made to equip the miniatures with ad hoc helmets