jeudi 24 novembre 2016

[Liste IV/80] Making of hussite warwagons. (WIP)

The Hussite army relies on a large number of trolleys.

A big battle DBA version rises up to 15 war carts and 3 pieces of artillery. This represents a significant financial cost. We therefore resolved, in order to constitute the Hussite army of Antoine to fall back on home made (scratch built)

The cheapest Trent miniature ebay wheels and the use of long and flat matches make this a reality

Artillery base (hence the "small" base)

The choice was made to individually type each wagon. The illustrations of these mobile hussite fortresses not missing on the canvas, the inspiration will not be a problem while respecting the sources.

The shift to the right of the apertures is intended to leave room for painting a Hussite pattern

The same, seen from the back. It lacks vertical stems at the level of the wheels, used by the Hussites to stabilize their trolleys when stationary. They will be added once the paint is finished.



Condition of the carts made to date (seven of the fifteen carts to be aligned)
The fighters are missing (with crossbow, powder trams and weapons scourges) because we have not bought them yet.