dimanche 11 septembre 2016

[Liste II/11] Gallic chariots circle Ist century BC

When I realized the baggage of my Gallic army, I was confronted with the concern for the appearance of the Gallic camp.
I have no idea of ​​the appearance of their tents (I think they are very similar to those of the Romans for the period of the Gallic war). So I opted for the wagon circle sheltering women, old men and children.

Moreover, the fact that the Gauls follow the armies and the part taken by women arvern throwing their gessa and other curses On the assailant still accredits this choice.

The central wagon is occupied by three oldies (oop figures): a princess and a bard (made by Prince August) for the RPG Celtic legends (from a drawing by Didier Guiserix) and a druid CITADEL for the board game TALISMAN (both dating from the 80's)